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Robin Thompson

Many thanks for the suggestions

I am aware how quickly the market changes and I just seem to have had the current hardware for quite some time – along with an SDR-IQ and Perseus (on loan from a friend). Something to allow more bandwidth and a bit more future proof like the RSPduo was what I had in mind . I mainly use SDR Console and have yet to really get into SDRuno.

Thanks for the comments on and off group.





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Along the lines of Tom’s query, have you looked at more recent SDRs offered by SDRPlay?  Their current “high end” products include more capabilities.  The RSP2/RS2 Pro are certainly an upgrade over prior generation products and of course RSPduo offers a dual-tuner configuration.  See:  FWIW, I currently have three SDRduos for both base station and mobile reception applications.  


The other consideration is whether you’re currently using SDRuno as the software to manage/control your current SDRPlay device.  If you are, transitioning to a more current SDRPlay SDR and using the same software (current version) would be relatively painless since you’ve already invested in the ’sweat equity’ to learn how to configure/utilize the SDRuno.  If your primary focus is using SDR Console or software other than SDRuno, then changing to a different SDR source would likely not be as painful. That said, if the idea of using a dual-tuner SDR or running SDR with a built-in scan function, then sticking with SDRuno may be worthy of your consideration.  The current SDRuno version 1.31 supports scan, but an update (v1.32) that was demonstrated at Hamvention last month will allow the RSPduo to be used with Diversity Reception.  Hopefully, that software will be released shortly.  


To my knowledge SDR Console does not yet support the dual-tuner capability of SDRduo nor does it yet support a built-in scan capability.  


Bottom line is that there are plenty of options for your consideration.  I guess it boils down to how you expect to use a more capable SDR and what SDR software you’re comfortable using.





Barry Baines, WD4ASW

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On Jun 19, 2019, at 12:36 PM, Tom M0LTE <tom@...> wrote:


Curious what limitations you’re hitting with the SDRPlay?





On Wed, 19 Jun 2019 at 17:34, Robin Thompson <robin@...> wrote:

Hi all


I am currently using an SDRPlay (early version) but looking for something a little better, but similar frequency coverage.

TX coverage - not yet .

What are others using ?  The choice is pretty vast under £400 !









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