Re: Track Radio limited to 2.1GHz


Extending this idea slightly, in combination with something else, allowing the geostationary satellite beacon frequency to be settable make this whole problem go away. 

The something else is: I have a tiny bit of code between my FT818 and Omnirig so I can apply whatever frequency offset there I like.

On Sun, 9 Jun 2019 at 21:30, Christoph Dörle <c.doerle@...> wrote:
to at least partially circumvent the limitation of Omnirig, it would be helpful if the tracking could be done either with the IF frequency or with the display frequency.
In my case, the Rx operates at 739 MHz (the IF frequency from the LNB). At this frequency tracking with omnirig works fine.
The display frequency in the waterfall, etc., and that of the external radio will then change only for display by the down-converter offset.


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