Re: SDRC Receiver Pane


Hi Paul,

It all works fine for me - but all the receivers in the receiver pane have to be visible simultaneously in the main window.  As soon as one receiver is moved off the main window, then you get the behaviour you describe.  If you set the main window to minimum zoom and use an appropriate bandwith to cover all the frequencies you want to monitor, it should work ok.


On Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 13:15:19 GMT+1, Paul White <paul@...> wrote:

Thanks, Simon.
Hoped to use this (on second monitor, that works fine) for monitoring the six channels (as provided for).
I just can't understand why:
  • spectrum & WF appear "alive" on all RX, but no data is shown
  • mouse over any RX does not bring up audio for it
I have to click an RX to get audio. That starts spectrum & WF too, but blanks the last one.
Sorry if I'm missing some basics here.
P.S. Not looked properly at matrix yet, but had some problems with that, too (possibly a Windows resource issue).

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