Sorry, this a bit off topic but may be useful for some:

Steve, agree Classic Shell was good while it lasted but is now abandoned and moved on to Open Shell at GitHub but even there they are struggling to keep it updated apparently.

Author's reason for abandoning was constant updates to Win10 keep breaking Classic Shell and he could not keep on top of it. In fact I do find Win 10 by far the most stable of any Windows version, and with a little time it can be made to behave almost exactly like Win 7. Even the new Start menu is OK if you take time to configure it the way you like it, and typing first few letters of item with start menu open finds any setting or program quickly.

I personally hate the new "pin to taskbar" feature for programs as it results in a messy taskbar when progs are running (in my opinion) but the old style "Quicklaunch" bar can be quickly reinstated. These instructions for Win7 but works in Win8  and Win10 too:

To keep a snapshot of desktop icons the way you like them in case they get muddled or sorted by accident use tiny prog called DesktopOK by SoftwareOK, and to search for any file or folder on your machine literally instant results I use Everything by Voidtools. Would not be without either of these tools now, particularly Everything, as the Windows search is painfully slow and flaky. Both these progs are freeware.

Hope it helps to get things back the way you like them!



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