Re: Console v 3.9 control radio es'hail

Siegfried Jackstien

means you receive with an sdr and transmit with a normal rig??

and ... a couple of transverters??

all gps locked or in minimum superstable?? otherwise the setup to be transceive ... will not work and you also may drift a lot

i would say ... using an sdr for rx and tx is MUCH easier as a transverter setup (especially if you have several of them in a row)

receive is lnb to sdr ...(the lnb is already a downmixer)

transmitting is only a power amp needed

only two clocks involved ... receive is stabilized with the psk beacon (against lnb drift) ... so you just have to make ONE SINGLE CLOCK stable ... the master clock in the sdr setup ... (be it a pluto, a lime or whatever)

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 18.05.2019 um 08:58 schrieb barry.padgett via Groups.Io:

Hi all ,a question ,I am going from 28 mhz to 2.4 ghz ,via a couple of transverters ,my question is I am using a pll lnb for es'hail and using the sat stabilization now sdr console shows the 10 ghz frequency but my radio shows 28mhz is there any way I can I control my radio to track the 10ghz down linkĀ  frequency even tho my radio shows 28mhz ?

Regards......Barry ( g4vwt )

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