Re: Limesdr usb not working with Console 3.0.7.


Ok Simon

Here is a screenshot 3.0.7 (original dll) with Oscar 100.

showed rx frequency (and so tx) is not correct because My LNB wants 9749330000 down to show beacon in beacon waterfall (not 9750000000 )

My lime is modified for low hf on antenna LNAH.
When I start console after 1 second something happens. If you want I can make a short movie. Some oscillation is starting and stark frequencies show up without an antenna connected and shut with a 50 ohm connector. I can send you screenshots.
Further I want to ask why you changed the bandwidth from 3072, 6144 etc to 750 khz 1.5 MHz 6 MHz etc.

Onno  pa0ono



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