Re: Satellite tracking 'flip' mode?

Simon Brown



I am thinking about this now. If I can get a few hours of peace & quiet I’ll see what I can do. I will need the user to define the end stop – usually 180 or 360 degrees. Of course, it makes sense.


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Satellite tracking 'flip' mode?



Thanks for the quick response.   I think the decision to use ‘flip’ mode and do the transformations of already-calculated AZ and EL bearings need to be done in the tracking software, not the rotor controller software+hardware, because only the tracking software knows the full path of the satellite pass and can determine if the path will cross the end-of-rotation heading of the AZ rotor.  The ‘flipped’ AZ and EL would be passed via DDE to the controller software+hardware as normal 0 to 360 azimuths and 0 to 180 elevations and the controller software+hardware would not need to be aware that the tracking is being done in ‘flip’ mode.   I realize that the satellite tracking component is not the prime focus of SDR Radio.   Maybe this is an item for the ‘future enhancements’ list.

73, Rick – K5GZR



No. The interface with rotator programs uses DDE, it’s really an issue for the rotator controller I think. 

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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