Re: Perseus tuning problem.


Hi Simon,

Five screenshots attached, showing a 10MHz sine wave fed into the Perseus at 192kHz bandwidth: 01 is the signal centred in the spectrum / waterfall, and 02 and 03 show it just after it has been moved about 90kHz to either side - both show the tuned frequency unchanged at 10MHz, but the signal has clearly moved off-centre in the IF Display (proportionate to the amount the waterfall is shifted).

Pics 04 and 05 show the 10MHz signal at either side of the waterfall after it has been re-centred in the IF Display, showing a total frequency shift of almost 300Hz from one side to the other.

This error occurs at all frquencies when using 192kHz, 96kHz and 95kHz bandwidths, but the tuned frequency is locked solidly in the middle of the IF Display (as it should be) when all other available bandwidths are used.

I hope these pics help, but the problem is simple to verify anyway.


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Post a screenshot – this helps me immediately see what the problem is, and also whether it’s a user misunderstanding.


I think 48kHz doesn’t work well – not sure, but I removed it for a good reason 😊 .


As for the dropdowns – I’ll change the HF+, thanks for noticing this.


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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Hi Simon,


There appears to be a tuning problem with certain bandwidths on the Perseus, whereby the tuned frequency changes as the waterfall is moved from side to side, either by right-clicking or by using the slider, although the frequency display still shows the original value.  It's easily audible on a CW signal, and you can also see the signal moving within the filter in the IF display.  This happens when using bandwidths of 196kHz, 96 kHz and 95kHz - at other bandwidths the selected frequency stays locked on as per normal.


I've noticed that there is also a 48kHz .sbs file in the program directory, but there is no 48kHz option in the bandwidth drop-down list.  As there is little need for both 95 and 96kHz widths, is there a chance of replacing the 95kHz bandwidth with 48kHz (which is really useful for DGPS band recording)?


One last small point: the bandwidth drop-down lists for most receivers has the narrowest at the top, except for the HF+, which has the widest at the top.  It's no big deal, but worthy of a change for consistency?




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