Perseus tuning problem.


Hi Simon,

There appears to be a tuning problem with certain bandwidths on the Perseus, whereby the tuned frequency changes as the waterfall is moved from side to side, either by right-clicking or by using the slider, although the frequency display still shows the original value.  It's easily audible on a CW signal, and you can also see the signal moving within the filter in the IF display.  This happens when using bandwidths of 196kHz, 96 kHz and 95kHz - at other bandwidths the selected frequency stays locked on as per normal.

I've noticed that there is also a 48kHz .sbs file in the program directory, but there is no 48kHz option in the bandwidth drop-down list.  As there is little need for both 95 and 96kHz widths, is there a chance of replacing the 95kHz bandwidth with 48kHz (which is really useful for DGPS band recording)?

One last small point: the bandwidth drop-down lists for most receivers has the narrowest at the top, except for the HF+, which has the widest at the top.  It's no big deal, but worthy of a change for consistency?


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