Re: FM Stereo DXing - Polarisation?

Leif Asbrink

Hello Michael,

it is a well known fact that a circularly polarized
wave that is reflected once at 90 degrees on a flat
surface changes rotation. Left to right an vice versa.
Linear polarization is reflected back as the same linear.

All radio amateurs who use the moon as a reflector for
communication know this. Circular is the polarization
they use on many microwave bands.

Multiple reflections may cause any polarization
to change into any other polarization.

Not stating clearly what you are talking about causes

The OFCOM chap must have talked about the transmission
channel and how it affects polarization, not about
how a certain polarization is received by different antennas.


(Summary : sorry José, science and our experience
say your friend ain't right. Even the OFCOM chap
stated that this confluence was unusual, but verified.)

Given the polarisation issue of this thread, it may
be useful to include evidence of polar-twist.
Who am I to doubt the observation of an OFCOM emmisary?  


On 12/04/2019 17:25, jose maria trueba wrote:> A friend told me that reflections do change left hand circular into > right hand and the other way around, but not vertical into horizontal.

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