Re: FM Stereo DXing - Polarisation?


José, desgraciadamente, según la sciencia y nuestra
esperiencia indiscutable, su amigo no tiene razón.
Verdad: y el investigator de OFCOM reconocía que
se trataba de verificadas circunstancias técnicas
raramente encontrabas.

(Summary : sorry José, science and our experience
say your friend ain't right. Even the OFCOM chap
stated that this confluence was unusual, but verified.)

Given the polarisation issue of this thread, it may
be useful to include evidence of polar-twist.
Who am I to doubt the observation of an OFCOM emmisary?  


On 12/04/2019 17:25, jose maria trueba wrote:
> A friend told me that reflections do change left hand circular into
> right hand and the other way around, but not vertical into horizontal.
> Sorry!

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