Re: FM Stereo DXing - Polarisation?

Leif Asbrink

Hi Simon,

You could mount your antenna at 45 degrees to always
loose 3 dB. A circularly polarized antenna is a bad
idea since you would use two crossed yagis for
that. By use of two feed cables (or a relay)
you would gain 3 dB compared to circular by selecting
the correct antenna.



Assuming tropo & E's on 88-108MHz I really need a pair of crossed antennas ?

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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The statement "Mounting a linear polarizated antenna at 45° does not loose
3dB when receiving vertical or horizontal, but a completly unknown number
of dBs." is simply false.

It is valid only if the 45° antenna is a directional antenna pointing in the
wrong direction. Polarization is well conserved when a RX antenna is pointed
towards the geographical location of the transmitter.

The above is based on solid experience on 144 MHz, but it seems to me that
88-108 MHz would not be different.

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