PTT, CW keying, more MIDI controll #sdrconsolev3 #midi #ptt #cw

Jörgen Overgaard


Wishlist (equals donation for dogfood from me ;) ) for implementation i coming versions of SDR Console (in no particular order)

* More MIDI controll. I've got a JL Cooper MCS-3800 "just sitting there" what would be perfect for controlling SDR-console. RX/TX (PTT) control via MIDI would be nice.

* RX/TX via keyboard. Not very "ergonomic" switching RX/TX only with mouse and button on display
* CW keying. Keying CW from external. Perhaps via serial port or even MIDI?
* Some API (etc) to get external software talking to SDR Console, get IQ-stream and also audio stream. VB-cable or VAC is not always ideal.
* Perhaps support Jack Audio Connection Kit - For other applications to get easy access to IQ or decoded audio

But the two top on my list is RX/TX via keyboard (or/and MIDI) as well as CW keying from an external device (via serial, etc)

Also, thanks for creating such great software!

Jörgen // SM4WWG

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