Re: Running Headless

Matthias Bopp

Hi Mike,


My Intel NUC will be in my outdoorunit (ODU) behind the dish for Eshail.


I can switch it on and off remotely (I built an IP controlled switch box).


When switched on IP-Sound and vnc and SDR-Radio are automatically loaded.


IP-Sound is running continuously on my Shack computer.


Whenever I want to access the NUC from my PC in my shack I just have to start the vnc viewer in the shack and have access to the NUC at the EsHail dish.


Very soon there will be a new version of SDR-Radio supporting the Lime-SDR in fullduplex mode.


Thus, I can operate SSB from the shack via the LAN network to my ODU.


The LimeSDR is also supporting DATV-Express, thus I will be able to also use the same setup to transmit and receive the DATV signals to/from EsHail-2.


I am using VNC from


Kind regards





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Hi Mathias,
 Sounds promising. 

Do you connect with the controlling computer intermittently or continuously?  
Which VNC do you use?


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