Re: Running Headless

Matthias Bopp

Hi Mike,


I am running a Intel NUC running Windows 10 with a LimeSDR connected to it, sometimes also a Pluto SDR.


I access the NUC by the software vnc and transfer the audio (RX and TX) using the software IP-Sound.


Works fine. I have not had a keyboard/mouse/display at the NUC for quite some time.


Kind regards




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Gesendet: Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2019 17:23
Betreff: [SDR-Radio] Running Headless


I have configured my mini in the shack to run headless and access it remotely with Teamviewer to overcome monitor RFI.  I run 3 SDRs and connect the auidio output via VACs to Spectrum Lab and record the data.  When I disconnect from Teamviewer and the mini is running alone, noise starts immediately on all channels and stops when I reconnect.  Audio monitoring is disabled on Teamviewer.

I suspect Windows 10 may be doing something.  Has anyone got any ideas? 

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