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Simon Brown



3.0.6 supports GPIO with Lime, I will add some Arduino PTT support as well.


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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Subject: [SDR-Radio] Lime SDR and PTT out #poll


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I am new to this group.

I have tried a lime sdr (usb 3) with sdr console and it works.
A small amp with a 2n 5109 gives me 3 watt output.
But it does not have a ptt out so I have to switch manualy from rx to tx the antennab relais.

In openhpsdr  ( I use that with an Anan 200d and a redpitaya) there is a CAT possibility for PTT.
a simple usb to serial port cable gives switching dsr to - 9 and + nine volts. 
My question to Simon is now is it possible to implement that in SDRconsole v3.

Thanks for answering in advance.

Onno  (callsign PA0ONO)

1. if i kwow the answer ???
2. it must be possible !!

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