Re: SDR-Console with ANAN 8000DL #sdrconsolev3

Charles VK1CM


The panadapter slamming problem with 3.0.4 happens with firmware 1.5 on my 200D at bandwidths above 192 kHz. SDRC crashes soon after the slamming starts, as well.

I am waiting until new Cat 7 cables arrive and I can get reliable 1 Gbit operation of my PC's NIC. (Despite the latest drivers, etc., it soon flops to 100 Mbit during initial Ethernet handshaking at present. I am just working through the 'checklist'. The Anan interface seems to be running at Gbit.) 

What I have seen of SDRC on the Anan, with Tx, etc., so far has been great. The interface around PureSignal looks good!

Thetis seems to run OK at 1.5 Mhz BW at present, however, and they have streamlined the use of PureSignal.

I take my hat off to all the developers!


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