Re: Help with Ettus B210


I finally got my N210 + UBX40 daughter board with SDR-Console on Windows 7-64 but amongst many other problems, I had that fault message. Have you installed the Ettus Research UHD utilities and can you run them without errors - especially uhd_usrp_probe?  The N210 loads the FPGA image in a different way to the B200.. but I "think" it was loading an FPGA image incompatible with the uhd host code. This may have been due to the path to the images being incorrect. After I got the uhd utilities to run without errors, SDR-Console worked OK.

I am definitely not an expert in this and I have got this system running by luck and persistence rather than expertise. It is also running with the SoDaRadio multi-mode transceiver in Ubuntu-Linux.

Good Luck

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