Re: waterfall spikes on 5 khz intervals

Simon Brown



Try different AGC settings?


Simon Brown, G4ELI



From: <> On Behalf Of herbk@...
Sent: 23 January 2019 13:27
Subject: [SDR-Radio] waterfall spikes on 5 khz intervals


Good day all:
A phenomena I have wanted to ask about for sometime to see if anyone else notices this.
My circumstances are simple: Airspy HF+, SDR Console (Sept 11 2018 release), USB.

When I first open SDR Console and select the radio (last set to 75 meters in this case), I see the
waterfall displaying signal "spikes" at 5 khz intervals. They are not particularly strong,
but definitely visible in the waterfall on those intervals.

If I switch bands (memory 20 meters) and return to 75 meters via a memory location or
the history, the spikes are missing/gone. And they can be heard. If I stop the radio and re-start, the spikes are visible
again and can be "eliminated" by simply switching bands per previous.

Please see the attached screenshots: I could not find an explanation on this and wanted
to ask if this is unique to the HF+ starting up since I don't see this on another radio, the
RF Space Cloud IQ. Perhaps intermod ?


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