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Hi Simon,

Great effort, another PayPal donation to follow shortly (after payday on Friday.....)

Keep up the good work.


On 23/01/2019 07:38, Simon Brown wrote:

Hi All,


For the last two weeks I’ve been concentrating on the Lime: and Pluto: which I’ll soon be using with the Es’Hail 2 satellite.


A few fatal crashes have been found and fixed.


I’m working on the design of the FM Stereo / RDS Logging ready for the Summer 2019 season, we’ll be testing this Logging in two weeks or so in 3.0.5.


With any luck I’ll release 3.0.4 on Monday January 28th


My current list of 3.0.4 fixes:


  • ANAN code given a lot of attention, working much better.
  • Initial Lime transmit support.
  • Upgraded Airspy HF+ support library to latest release, CPU usage now much lower.
  • Fixed spectrum display in Auto mode when input signal is very low / zero.
  • Fixed crash adjusting the Span (bottom of display).
  • Redesigned the recording scheduler interface, simplified with no loss of functionality.
  • Satellite display now displays correct TX mode in the main window's ribbon bar tooltips.
  • Satellite display now uses fixed point fonts for name and times.
  • Satellite display - fixed fatal error selecting a world map which cannot be opened.
  • Satellite TLE data now has better sanity checking.
  • Downconverter supports frequencies up to 999.9 GHz.
  • Frequency display supports frequencies up to 999.9 GHz.
  • Fixed obscure bug in the Select Radio user interface.
  • Fixed SAM demodulation, PLL was not working fast enough.
  • More visibility/sanity checks when restoring a window position (example: Select Radio).
  • Added Pseudo Stereo (ribbon bar, Receive, Mode..., Pseudo Stereo).
  • Satellites, External Radio now supports both Rig 1 and Rig 2.
  • Fixed crash caused by a change in output device options such as enabling spatial sound.
  • Frequency database supports a Custom CSV layout.
  • Audio recording – a check is made that the folder exists before the recording is started.
  • bladeRF2 support now checks that the frequency is within the supported range.
  • New audio buffering logic (the way I maintain the buffer between demodulation and the playback / VAC device). This is simpler, cleaner and gives me a good base for the future. See the Playback Buffering page for options.
  • Reduced dangling connections on the server. Maybe not eliminated them all, but I’m not seeing any on my system (famous last words).
  • Airspy HF+ code now supports pre-production units properly, also units with old / original firmware.
  • If there are no receivers a warning is displayed.
  • More logic in coding where the program priority is raised when the system starts.
  • If the signal is muted due to input overload a warning icon is now shown in the status bar, previously just the Auto Mute text was shown. (This caught me out a couple of times).
  • Signal History - added Slower and Very slow.
  • ADALM-PLUTO receive support added.
  • ADALM-PLUTO transmit support added.


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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