Re: RTLSDR detects no HF input signal

Bernard Wehrli

Dear John and Klaus

Thanks for your quick Replys.

To John: Thanks for the info, that SDR-Console does not support Q-Input and direct sampling. I suspected that this might be the case. I am a bit dissapointed that this is not possible with the sophisticated SDR-Console, while it works and is supported with HDSDR and SDR-Sharp and others. I use the dongle from KC9QLE. See 

To Klaus: Many thanks for your extended informatioen. I was aware or all these info you gave me, and I made the discribed procedures many times, unfortunately without success. I later found on an UK-page, that this procedure is not anymore required with the newest release of SDR-Console. But as SDR-console obviously doesn't support direct sampling, there is anyway no chance to make it work with my dongle. 

Thanks again and 73 de Bernard, HB9ALH

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