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Hi Ingolf,

Glad it worked ok for you!  I meant to mention that you'd probably lose the calibration, but forgot about it again while I was typing.  If you want to, you can use SDR# to recalibrate it and store the value in flash memory again.  It just involves editing one of the config files and carrying out a simple procedure with a signal generator or RWM on 9996kHz; the firmware update procedure is supposed to read and restore the calibration value, but it doesn't work every time, it seems.  It's easy enough just to keep a note of the value and restore it manually after another firmware update, if you need to.


On Thursday, 17 January 2019, 16:45:27 GMT, sm6fhz <ingolf.fhz@...> wrote:

Hi Dave.
Thanks for the practical and mental support. FW is now successfully upgraded to the most recent one. Looks like it works as expected. After a first attempt the HF+ came inte some not-so-funny in-between state, not recognized by SDR# and both LED's half lit.  It was this kind of in-between state I was worried about, not being able to get out of it and be standing there with a completely dumb unit. Fortunately, a second trial took it to the correct FW version. I did the call for the "Flash.bat" in two different ways, one was not successful but the other one was. Double-click on the Flash icon (as said in the instruction in the "Read-me" file) was NOT the way to do it. Opening a DOS window and type "flash" was the way to go.
I had to adjust the frequency calibration after the upgrade, it was spot on b4 the upgrade (factory adjusted?). Some other small adjustments had to be done as well, to get it as I wanted. I will now dive into it and enjoy. I already heard a Canadian AM BC-station this morning on the HF+ using my 8m E-field probe.
73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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