Re: New laptop : advice needed

Stu C

While playing SDR here I found that big brand PSU's, the type supplied by Dell, HP, Lenovo in the millions (probably) are well sorted on the RF side.
If a large company is going to make the same basic designs for many models, over a few years, they can justify building and approvals testing them to the most stringent market regulations.
Those "Direct replacements" on Ebay not so much, or at all, I've bought a couple that were just beyond awful.

If you do test in a shop you'd probably want to load the thing well, that laptop probably runs a 120W or more PSU (I'm too lazy to read the spec), how it runs ticking over might not be the same under decent load.

I also found here HDMI cables can be a bigger source of RFI than (good) power supplies or decent laptops main boards. I did make some small copper loops and go over the consumer HP in front of me and it was pretty clean unless the coil was within a couple of inches.


On 11/01/2019 17:57, Patrick wrote:
Thanks for your replies and advices, guys.

What seems to be coming out of this topic is there's no reliable company, that ensure consistent quality and above all a "clean" power supply (that's actually my biggest concern !).

Of course, my question was not : "is this specific Lenovo better than a Dell ?"  This laptop was an example, amonst many other, of what one can find under $1000.

Whatever the brand is, are there some points one MUST check before purchasing a laptop intended to radio / SDR ?


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