Re: New laptop : advice needed

Siegfried Jackstien

best would be is you can test that pc on the computer shop ... and take a radio with you

and next would be ask at the computer shop if you can change the psu if it is too noisy (say 14 days turn back and free change agreement)

and ... i would not use a pc case with lots of cut-outs and led strips inside (those funny looking gamer pc) but with a well shielded case


years ago i worked for a company that sold modded pc to military, embassy etc ... and they used a few dozen ferrites on all cables (internally and externally!!) ... plus used some self sticking al shielding an all unused holes, gap etc

a well filtered psu was also mounted ...

those pc were nearly rf free when put in the measuring chamber

i am guessing such a modded pc is also the right thing for sdr useage

(no... no ... do not buy such a beast ... they are very expensive ... but copy the moddings on your own pc)

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Am 11.01.2019 um 17:57 schrieb Patrick:

Thanks for your replies and advices, guys.

What seems to be coming out of this topic is there's no reliable company, that ensure consistent quality and above all a "clean" power supply (that's actually my biggest concern !).

Of course, my question was not : "is this specific Lenovo better than a Dell ?"  This laptop was an example, amonst many other, of what one can find under $1000.

Whatever the brand is, are there some points one MUST check before purchasing a laptop intended to radio / SDR ?


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