Re: New laptop : advice needed



I mod laptops in my sleep, so to speak.

NOTHING matches warranty like Dell, not nowhere. If that is important to you, then the Precision line with ECC RAM is your game for professional work, and Alienware for all else.

I suggest you get the most CPU you can get:

You can put 9900K in that. My buddy & I overclocked (reliably) our rigs, and his IPC (instructions per clock - though I expect you know this,sorry) beat me out for 8% with full custom water-cooled, AX1500i etc, and I pulled three power stations' current doing the same.

Dell won't pull an 'Acer' on you & expire your warranty when you open your rig for whatever reason. They state this unequivocally.

They come next business day (with parts).

The idea with this laptop is - if its electrically & physically compatible with MXM format - you are going to get more upgrades in future.

Whilst the first 1070Ms launched in that funny Dell format (DGD?), the standard MXM sizes came out later (as we expected), and now my AW18 rocks one. This is far from the first laptop I've done similar with.

Up to 30% GPU with SDR Console and Ettus B210....CPU, not so much lower perf mode ~13% high perf mode <9%.


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