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Stu C

At work corporate office had a preference for Dell laptops, nobody was that enthused but after a number of years I grudgingly agree.

The oldest working laptops here are Dells with a sliding scale of other brands tried by this or other offices.

The worst in our narrow tests were Toshiba, heaven only knows why but they all died just outside warranty. Fujitsu not far behind (that was mainly in Singapore)

For some reason the Lenovo laptops used by the guys in Singapore have more failures than the Dell/HP's used in the UK, that could be in part related to weather, we don't get the temperatures or levels of humidity over here so there is less of a swing between air conditioned offices and outside.

HP's have been OK but like all of these brands they do a range so we can't compare Dell workstations to HP (or Lenovo) budget range, or visa versa, compare like models and they are pretty close. I bought my dad a new consumer HP and the build is much lighter than a few year older one I got of Gumtree, personally I bought a consumer HP NV6 with i7 mobile processor, and it has been powered on most of the time for the last few years, still going strong. That CPU has a TDP of about 35W and needs the fan running hard when loaded, the laptop you are looking at the CPU is more like 45W peak so keep the intakes clear!

To try and cut this down, the brand is not the end of it, the level of kit is important. The Lenovo looks high spec and will probably be fine for a couple of years at least if you keep it cool, do I think it will be running in four years? 80% likely but if you let the fans clog up it could die at 18 months. With all of these "almost desktop" spec components putting them in a laptop pushes thermal engineering, things getting hot shorten their life, to be honest if I had the space I'd spend that amount of money on a desktop unless you must have the form factor.

If you said to me you were going to hand over a bunch of five year old laptops for me to maintain I'd probably be a little relieved if it said that boring Dell on the box.

If you handed be a box of MS surface* to support I'd hand it back and get my coat 


*(at least he versions that have a fixit score of 0/10).

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Just a reminder that Lenovo bought the IBM Laptop/Desktop portfolio, along with their engineers. This doesn't necessarily guarantee ongoing quality but does give it a good starting pedigree.


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I've had a couple of Lenovos, one very cheap one (don't bother) and one Thinkpad. The quality of the charger was good on both, no noticeable RFI. The quality of the charger is likely the most important part when buying a laptop for DX-ing. This is a while ago though.
Dell is good (I'm writing this on a new Latitude), but is it better than the Lenovo you pointed at? Impossible to say.
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