New laptop : advice needed


Hi there,

I'm about to replace my current machine, but something is puzzling me : for a given set-up (same  or very similar proc, graphic card, RAM etc) is it worth spending extra money on a reowned brand (Dell), or would a Lenovo / Acer laptop unit be a good choice ?

Can I expect from a Dell to offer better components, better lifespan ?
From a radio / DXer point of view, can I expect less RFI ?

For less than €1100 (£980), we have an i7-8750H proc, 8Go RAM, 1To HDD + 256 Go SSD, GTX 1060 GC, not to bad for the price ...
What can be wrong ???
The only downside is the 15" monitor, I would prefer a 17".

Do you have some laptops to recommand in this price range (mainly for radio, using an SDR, up to 6 MHz BW recording / playing).
Just checked HP home page : ouch ! Much more expensive (despite huge discounts) and 8550U processors fitted.

Thanks a lot !

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