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Matthias Bopp

Hi Michael,

I am afraid P4A will never cover North America as it will be positioned at 26 degree east.

However AMSAT USA is working on P4B which shall cover North America. I will not be a geostationary
satellite but a highly elliptical orbit.

I am not aware of an updated schedule when it shall be launched. Originally it was envisioned for mid 2017.

Here is some information on P4B:

I am no sure there is meanwhile newer information about P4B available. If so I will be happy to add it.

Best regards


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Can any one mention if / when a Es’Hail 2 (Phase 4?) Geo will be over the America's ?


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I worked at a satellite earth station, we used mostly Intelsat
satellites for the services I worked on,

we used 30 meter dishes…

There is Doppler,

Geostationary is not stationary! Earth is not stationary.

That being said the Doppler was insignificant for us. But useful for
some of the experimental trackers that did some experiments, but
monopole was simpler, we just used step track..yes we had to track the
Geostaionary satellites lese the 30 meter dishes would drop signal if
we didn’t point accurately enough.

Tarquin Roode


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What doppler ????? Its a GEO sat .... there is NO Doppler !!!!!

Believe it or not, GPSDO is more expensive and has slightly more drift
than the sw correction = I guess a joke ?

73 Laurent. F4AAR.

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I have seen some signals which where stabilized with GPSDO and they
still have a little drift of a few Hz.

My solution uses the beacon signals from the sat an eliminates any
doppler or other effects that may appear.

Believe it or not, GPSDO is more expensive and has slightly more drift
than the sw correction.

But clearly both systems work excellent for SSB. Only the modification
of the LNB won't be needed and costs of a GPSDO could be saved.

vy73 DB8TF

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