Re: Es Hail 2 LNB Antidrift

Mr VILLAIN Laurent

Hello Matthias 73.

Did you check RF filter response too ?

DL3YC modification, LNB fully locked on GPS.

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Hi Laurant,


As you have requested here is a spectrum sweep of a unmodified dual Octagon PLL LNB. LO was 9750 Mhz.


As you can see the gain at 600 MHz drops by about 5dB (roughly).


I assume this is the frequency response of the IF chain and as the LNB has plenty of gain I don’t think it is a real problem.


It is different if the frequency response (high pass characteristic) is based on the amplifiers in front of the mixer as then total system noise figure should be impacted.


Nevertheless I changed the reference of my LNB to move the IF signals up above 1 GHz and also use a TCXO.


Here is a description of the modification I made:


Best regards





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The best solution for SSB is DL3YC idea.


You could see on his blog. Its the optimal one.


In all cases your 0,5 ppm TCXO's or crystals will be under the GPS signal in all cases.


Without modification of LNB, you will lost IF gain too, if not, lets share a spectrum capture.


Warm 73, no fight, just discuss. Laurent.


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No fight, just discussion. Hi hi !


73 to all. Laurent.


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Dear Florian and Laurent,


no need to fight.


Both concepts have their place and will work.


I like the way Florian is addressing the problem with a closed loop concept measuring the received beacon frequency and adjusting the received frequency of other signals from the same transponder.


It would be perfect to have this feature in SDR-Radio as no additional hardware/software would be needed.


Possibly with a wide bandwidth SDR like the LimeSDR only one SDR is needed to do this. As SDR-Radio can already have multiple receivers within the

Bandwidth of the SDR this might be not too difficult for Simon to implement once he finds the time.


Best regards


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Clearly you don't understand what is meant.

I use 2 New.Gen RTL SDR sticks with TCXO 0,5 PPM and 2 PCs.

And this setup keeps ANY signal from the same sat within 10Hz FOR A DAY. 

With a unmodified Octagon OTSLO

vy73 DB8TF

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