Re: ARGH! My stuttering is back on the SDR-iq's via remote


Your SDR-iq #2 and SDR-iq #3 both play well on my primary (client and server) desktop BUT DO NOT play on any
clients (desktop, laptop, wifi, or networked ethernet) in my LAN. The stuttering and latency make not a word intelligible most
of the time. 
Yet G4ELI is stutter-free and latency free on ALL CLIENTS regardless of individual specs in the same LAN. 

Of course, I could continue to look for additional servers that do/do not play on the clients but I don't think that
would tell me anything additional. I do have KA1JGU and G4ELI logfiles saved on all these machines and have gone through them
and note the difference being.

1) CUDA initialization fails on several machines (I attribute this to the graphics capability of the different machines).

2) After confirming buffering specifications (thresholds and limits) and flow control sleep 5 ms (restart timing) , the clients never
get to the "execution state = continuous" and play but and simply go into "constant restarts" occasionally providing short bursts of readable signal, sometimes never.

I assume this info in the logfile doesn't tell me much.

I cant recreate your setup here as my LAN is far less complex: the Xfinity Gateway/Modem operating bridge mode to the ASUS
RT-AC88U wireless router serving various including two gigabit switches down-the-line. Typical speed tests from IPv4 and IPv6 return 230 Mbps down and 12 Mbps up on the LAN.

I have the Cloud IQ ethernet based SDR which plays with no issues to any / all clients on the LAN. As I recall, I noticed  issues started when I wanted to put the Airspy HF+ (non-ethernet SDR) available to my clients. Or at least, that was my
first encounter.

Sorry I don't have more to offer.


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