Re: Console 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 Crash / unable to recover

Albert (PD0OXW)

Hi ! Further to my "Crash" info :

1/ I'm 100% sure it is in the Satellite Module where the problem sits. After full re-installment / loading  of the V3 software all goes well until the moment I add  the Sat Module and start using this Satellite module.
Within seconds the "Waiting" message appears in the middle of the screen. Once this has happened the system freezes/hangs and you can only escape via the task manager. On top of that the identity chosen  is corrupted, chosing another Identity will make that identity crash as well and corrupt it . This even happens after de-installing and re-installing so must be "hidden" in the register...(I suppose)
2/ Choosing in the startup WIN10 menus the option V3 Tools > Change Identity > Option > Reset end delete  the Console Ident(0) to (4) using the Registry Editor "frees / liberates " the Identity again and you can use that Identity. Once you start using again the Satellite module all crashes again and you are back at zero.

So ok can use Console but not using the satellite module which is my main driver to Use Console (apart from the ease of use and great graphic interface and a lot of other goodies !.) 
Still all my SAT activities, mainly Telemetry decoding are dead.
Who can HELP me please / #prettydesperate
73 Albert / PD0OXW

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