Re: Supplier experience


Hi Ingolf,

I asked them again yesterday as well and got a reply this morning saying the radios are going through final testing, and that they "hoped" to ship them by the end of the week, so nothing has changed from last week.  Keep your fingers crossed for another couple of days!


On Wednesday, 5 December 2018, 16:20:35 GMT, sm6fhz <ingolf.fhz@...> wrote:

Hi Dave.
Have you got any delivery information from ITEAD on you Airspy HF+ order so far?
Here has been quiet. I mailed them again yesterday (after one week of silence), but nor response at all to my query about when it would be shipped.
They are not great on delivering nor on communicating. I hope they are not going to blow us on our money or Airspy HF+
I have received no order confirmation from ITEAD, other than the one I got from PayPal at the payment. Sad. Poor.
73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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