Re: ARGH! My stuttering is back on the SDR-iq's via remote

Kriss Kliegle

OK, did a quick 'reconfig' test and eliminated one 10/100 switch and a DD-WRT Router and came up with the following network as drawn below.

From Client PC#1 in barn to SDR-iq #2 OR SDR-iq #3, I get stuttering on all bandwidths. Opening a browser and placing SDRC in background helps but eventually stutters (withing ~10 sec).

From client PC#1 in barn to AirSpyHF+ (XLY's laptop in house) I get stuttering on all bandwidths

But... from Client PC#1 to SDRPlay#1 or SDR-iq #1 everything works as it should, even on max bandwidths!

Client PC #2 (in house) exhibits the EXACT same issues as Client PC #1

The coup de grâce is from the Laptop running the AirSpyHF+ server, SDRC has NO stuttering on ANY server w/in my network!

Reports from outside users, including myself, that this doesn't happen for WAN clients.

NOTE: If a 10/100 switch is placed back in line out in repeater shed allowing both SDR-iq #2 & #3 netbook and another netbook running just SDRPlay #2, The SDR-iq's both stutter, but the SDRPlay works 100% , even at max bandwidth! This switch and extra server were removed from the network for the test, and is now back in line.

Should I find a new server netbook/laptop/NEC?  The NEC's look interesting, since some run off 12Vdc, and I have a backup battery bank for the repeaters out there.

73 Kriss KA1GJU

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