Re: ARGH! My stuttering is back on the SDR-iq's via remote


I see this issue has now crossed several messages and seems fairly widespread.
That being said, there seem to be many not affected so that adds to some frustration.

I would have hoped the log files might contain some clues, but apparently not.

I could replace my entire network but have no assurance this is
truly a "network only" issue. I think my best course of action is to bring in a new 
PC and configure the server and see if that end has any effect. Having three clients all
behaving near the same, at least I may be able to isolate / eliminate one variable at
a time. And it's less timely and expensive that replacing an Asus high end router and reconfiguring our
entire network, again with no positive that these hours / $$ would resolve the issue.

In case it might get looked at again, attached is the latest screen shot. 
It would be bitter sweet to have to run up a white flag.


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