Re: ARGH! My stuttering is back on the SDR-iq's via remote

Stu C

Quickish reply,
The "DD-WRT Router(Repeater Bridge)" is a red flag, WiFi repeaters can half the available bandwidth as they receive and retransmit the data, WPA bridges can be a bit slow anyway, add in clients and it's not a good arrangement for throughput.
That with 100M switches stands out to me as a bottleneck. If you don't actually use the repeater side just dedicate that WiFi to P-P and use another access point for clients.

I've gone over to fibre here as Mikrotik stuff is excellent value and two Managed 5 port Gig switches with fibre SFP (1.25G) modules and 30m of OM4 fibre should be less than $200. Would need a bit of trunking for that "inside" fibre but outside fibre is not that much more

If you must go WiFi then look at some dedicated 5G point to point from Ubiquiti (or even TP-Link).

5 port Gig switches are cheap now, IMO time for a refresh.



BTW Libre office draw is free and excellent for quick sketches others can easily visualise..

the On 30/11/2018 03:11, Kriss Kliegle wrote:

SDR-iq's #2  and #3 on one netbook are now stutter withing my own LAN from select desktops. If I do some web browsing, it clears up for the most part. Sometimes it comes back, but not as bad.
Doesn't matter what bandwidth started or switched to.
The SDRPlay #2 on a neighboring netbook in the repeater shed operating at 1MHz bandwidth runs just fine from the client machine through all the network pieces

Artist rendition of my network currently:     (The ==> and <== below are hardwired connections)

Netbook  ==>        5 port 10/100Mbbs Switch ==>  DD-WRT Router(Repeater Bridge)  ==>  Verizon ISP Router  <==   Net Geat 10/100Mbbs Switch   <==    Client W7 Intel i5-3350P CPU @3.10GHz
in repeater           2 SDR netbooks, Dstar Laptop            WAP and switch in barn                             in house                         in office/shack feeding
shed      ADSB Pie and SDR-iq #1
             SDRPlay#1 Netbook

The XYL's old i3 laptop runs the same server just fine, no stuttering at all.
XYL's laptop is hardwired right to Verizon Router, but still has to go thru the same DD-WRT modified Lyksys Routerin barn and the switch in shed.

Can folks outside my LAN access my SDR-iq #2 and #3 and see how it behaves?

73 Kriss KA1GJU


* Screenshot_2018_11_29_214035.png
* SDR Console tmp.txt

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