ARGH! My stuttering is back on the SDR-iq's via remote

Kriss Kliegle

SDR-iq's #2  and #3 on one netbook are now stutter withing my own LAN from select desktops. If I do some web browsing, it clears up for the most part. Sometimes it comes back, but not as bad.
Doesn't matter what bandwidth started or switched to.
The SDRPlay #2 on a neighboring netbook in the repeater shed operating at 1MHz bandwidth runs just fine from the client machine through all the network pieces

Artist rendition of my network currently:     (The ==> and <== below are hardwired connections)

Netbook  ==>        5 port 10/100Mbbs Switch                ==>  DD-WRT Router(Repeater Bridge)  ==>  Verizon ISP Router  <==   Net Geat 10/100Mbbs Switch   <==    Client W7 Intel i5-3350P CPU @3.10GHz
in repeater           2 SDR netbooks, Dstar Laptop                           WAP and switch in barn                             in house                         in office/shack feeding
shed                                                                                                                                                                                                       ADSB Pie and SDR-iq #1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SDRPlay#1 Netbook
The XYL's old i3 laptop runs the same server just fine, no stuttering at all.
XYL's laptop is hardwired right to Verizon Router, but still has to go thru the same DD-WRT modified Lyksys Routerin barn and the switch in shed.

Can folks outside my LAN access my SDR-iq #2 and #3 and see how it behaves?

73 Kriss KA1GJU

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