Re: using ackrf1 on SDR-Radio


The HackRF was designed as development/experimental tool. It is NOT optimized for plug and play sensitive HF, VHF or UHF listening. The TX function is of limited use unless you know how to use development tools like GNU Radio. Before looking at this, decide for yourself what you like to use a SDR unit for. Why do you need TX? Are you interested in HF?......Do your homework and read the reviews. Coming from a FCP+ maybe your next step is an SDRPlay or Airspy unit. They are much better on RX then the HackRF with optimized filters etc. and are great with SDR Console.

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On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 8:34 AM <camerart@...> wrote:
My first question!  I'm not used to this format yet.

I've used SDR# and HSDR, with the cheap dongles and a Funcubepro+ but having broken the Funcube, I'm now looking at an alternative

I've just found hackrf1, which looks interesting.

1/ Will a Hackrf work with SDR-RADIO
2/ Is it correct that it can Transmit as well as Receive?
3/ Can anyone recommend them?
Cheers, Camerart

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