Re: Windows 10 release 1803 (build 17134.285); fatal DPC Latency problems. Issue with Sept MS Win10 update?

Cormac, EI4HQ


Just to close this out; Stu's instincts were spot on - it turned out to be motherboard failure. I wasn't able to nail down precisely where on the board the problem was, but it was hardware. As I continued debugging, over time the problem got worse and it also became clear it was heat related. When cold all was well, as soon as things started to heat up, the problem would kick off. I tried a few HW related remedies but they were unsuccessful and it simply wasn't worth the hours it was taking so I moved on in the end. Up and running again now with a replacement PC. Thanks for inputs.

Lesson; cause and effect... always keep an open mind... (sorry MS)



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