Re: Windows 10 release 1803 (build 17134.285); fatal DPC Latency problems. Issue with Sept MS Win10 update?

Stu C <stu@...>

Some things you could try (document changes)
Update Bios
    (assuming you can get that little case open)
Reseat cards, RAM especially, but anything that is moveable.
Check Heat sinks are solid and seated (check if the stutter is the same from cold - leave it off for a while)
Check CPU is not on some dynamic overclocking controlled by an installed app, for a test fix the frequency
Look at speed step (or anything else that dynamically changes the CPU)
Disconnect and reconnect SATA data connectors and power.
Depending on what display type you use see if you can reduce the RAM allocated to just what is required.
Does it have antivirus? Software Firewall (or use an external router/firewall)
Look at power controls for USB devices just in case it is sending something to a low  power state every 500ms

It might be that some other interrupt is er, interrupting the CPU with RAM or hard drive write issues.

If you are sensible and don't open the case with a shotgun nothing there should make things worse but it would be good to affect it some way to narrow it down.

I've had bad SATA leads or poorly seated RAM tie up the hardware just enough to make things bog but not show up in the logs.


On 23/09/2018 23:01, Cormac EI4HQ wrote:
H Simon,

Thanks for the suggestion. I should have been explicit re audio drivers - the existing drivers haven't been updated any time recently, they're the same versions that have been in situ for some time now. Regardless, I stripped out all the audio related drivers & reinstalled them. I replaced all the current audio drivers with older versions. No joy with either effort. This is why I think the problem may be within the latest OS update - the drivers haven't changed but relevant OS files e.g. HDAudbus.sys have.

I also went deep with network card drivers as apparently many DPC latency issues have their origin in conflicts between network and audio drivers. No joy there either.

Yours Befuddled

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