Re: World Map v1.0.5

Mike Bott <mike_bott@...>


Just identify your home location in the Station List with the same coordinates.  Works well, here.


On 09/22/2018 06:51 AM, Calder Latham wrote:

Good Morning Simon.

Thank You for your Map project. One easy (I hope) suggestion. Can we have the ability to label the "Home" site... i.e. to enter a Callsign or location name? The dark circle gets lost in the projection a bit.

As Always We appreciate your GREAT work.

Thanks, Cal...W1HHO.
All the Best.
>From the woods of Maine.
On 9/21/2018 08:14, Simon Brown wrote:



Version 1.0.5 available at .


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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