Re: Distorted audio after changing frequencies

Simon Brown

The one thing you haven’t shown is the console – it’s obscured .


One nice big console screenshot please, and *don’t* forget the logfile.


Simon Brown, G4ELI



From: <> On Behalf Of k6msm@...
Sent: 21 September 2018 21:36
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Distorted audio after changing frequencies


I still have this problem on my office computer.  Some symptoms:

  • It's ok when SDR-C is first started.
  • But when I change frequencies, the audio becomes low and it's just static, but not pure white-noise noise but distorted static.
  • I'd record it, but the recordings are fine.  Good audio on those, just not while listening to it live.
  • Changing frequencies a few more times sometimes clears it.
  • Seems isolated to this work computer, so I'm thinking the driver (but there's no updates) or this headset.
  • It's also isolated to SDR Console.  Server or local SDRs.  Other SDR programs, Spotify and my VOIP are ok.
  • The waterfall doesn't change, but the received audio spectrum is just a relatively constant flow compared to good audio.
  • Some pics attached.

Any suggestions?



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