Re: Automobile Cell Phone Charger RFI (final)

Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU

The LM7805 regulator (any LM78xx for that matter) are 1.5A maximum. I have found even with .5 amp, that 3 pin regulator gets hot as heck. So now your car charger will tun into a car dongle with a massive heat sink, and barely charge the device if it's turned on.

I have two Aukey car chargers from, one a 3 port, the other a four port USB charger. Both are RF quiet on the Am/FM band. I see on Amazon they are not on the site anymore, for these were purchased a few years ago.

One has to buy and try now days with all the poorly made copies of 'real chargers' that are missing filters, over and under voltage protection, etc.

WARNING- Slightly Off Topic but worthy!!!
Here's an eye opening read on Apple Product chargers and the comparison to the fake ones sold:

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