Re: Lime SDR Mini - Odd Two Peak Pattern on Many Frequencies

Michael Durkin

I have been wondering about a heat riser dimentions from the GPU and Radio to the case ... it make silly uber sense to use the case as a heatsink .... 

Why transfer heat to the inside air, then from the inside air to the outside air !!!!

Iv been thinking of how to make very close measurement my self ... and all i can come up with is using 2 toothpics that are rubber cemented to the case == GPU then also Radio ( not necessarily as a single block ) ...  

Make the connection so that it can accordion in some way .... and put fresh/wet glue on the toothpicks and put the case on and let it dry ( with the ends off ) open it up after ... toothpicks come out easy from rubber cement ( i hope )

On Fri, Aug 31, 2018, 11:44 AM <k6msm@...> wrote:
Thanks, Simon.  Will do.

I also suspect it's overheating.  I left it on the WX frequencies about and it was fine.  I just checked and now it's all noise.  The signal history log has it going to noise at about 5 minutes after I started it and I just plugged it in right before that.

I have the aluminum case version.  I might need to buy some heat sinks for it or figure out if the case can be removed.


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