Re: Shack Design for EMI/RFI Reduction

Augusto <hb9tza@...>

HI Stu, I like this idea! Nice, simple, genial and also funny and sure!
Congrats, Augusto HB9TZA

Il 30/08/2018 18:15, Stu C ha scritto:

For HF push on PL-259 Adapters are quite good for "hands free" disconnects of coax.
I had one short horizontal coax run that had a push fit plug at one end and an earthed plate below, I had paracord to the push connector to tug it free without touching, when the static and crashes built up to the "you're next!" level I'd pull the cord, disconnect the antenna and have the down feed rest on the earthed plate, real easy to get wide separation that way.

I always get negative comments on-line if I mention this daft idea but for a $/£2 mod it works OK.

On 30/08/2018 16:46, Kriss Kliegle wrote:
No pix handy, but copper sheet, bulkhead connectors of UHF and N type with a weather resistant cover. Massive copper braided strap going to ground rod.
Tower has ground rod on each anchor (three) and three more at base, one for each leg. I guess quick disconnect may not be the right term, but they can be disconnected quite fast during a pending storm! lol

Yes, one has to disconnect the antennas LONG before storm arrives. The PL-259's do snap with static discharge since my HF wire antennas utilize no baluns. Open DC circuit as seen on the connector ends. The N connectors are on the VHF/UHF antennas, haven't seen them snap, but there is a cap and/or coil across the base of those antennas.

73 Kriss KA1GJU

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