Re: Probably a dumb question about shortwave and ham radio

Nick Hall-Patch

It definitely looks weatherproof Shawn.   I would contact the seller and ask if the external ground connection is isolated from the coax shield.   Its schematic diagram should look like the diagram that I sent a couple of days ago from A DXer's Technical Guide.    The 9:1 match is good, but the isolation between the windings of the transformer is really important.   The transformer windings should not share a ground connection.  

The way the Ebay description is worded, talking about common mode noise etc., makes it sound as if the transformer must be isolated, but it would be good to be certain.

I would also use a separate ground rod from your household service.  I assume that the "TV antenna mast" that you mention is the mounting post between your house and the fence.  Place the ground rod at its base. The balun can be mounted anywhere, between the ground and the top of the PVC pipe that you indicated in your photo, Cam2.20180712_131001.jpg , as any wire above the ground is acting as an antenna.  Personally, however, I'd place the balun at the bottom of the post, next to the ground rod, and run the coax along or under the ground to the house, as discussed before.

Hope this makes sense.


At 07:28 2018-07-15, Shawn P wrote:

What do you think about this? I found this guy on eBay and it definitely looks like it would be good for outdoor use I was also thinking about mounting it towards the top of my TV antenna mast and running the wire down to that wooden fence and then on top of the fence. Then I could run a ground wire down to the grounding rod that's already down there near the natural gas box as DTE uses the same ground rod.

Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC

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