Re: Stuttering

Peter SWL1973

Check if Nvidia Cuda is activated in the settings.

Am Di., 19. Juni 2018 um 16:54 Uhr schrieb Paul Abernethy (G8HGG) <>:

I am looking for more ideas to track this down.
I have tried running the server software on 4 machines now and only one of them has the problem.  It is a MSI K9N MS7260, with an AMD 64 X2 5600+ processor and 4GB of RAM, with Win10 64bit.  I have the latest FunCube device.
When used as a server with the V3 software it sends bursts of data to the local network (LAN), see attachment. This behaviour is present both on wireless and 100BaseT Ethernet.  The V2 server does not exhibit this behaviour.
I have experimented with other machines running win10 and win 7, these work fine. The Adaptor, on the Task Manager performance page, shows a steady 1MB/s


Lg .Peter

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