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Hi Simon et al ,
I once had a similar problem with suspected USB power, not enough, and solved it easily: just used a cable with dual USB plugs, one only for power and the other a normal one, (is a standard cable, easy to find on the market,  but I do not know how to name it ...) so that I have two USB ports powering the device. Other time I used a modified USB splice cable, I modified it so that power is taken by external Power Pack and signals are from the laptop USB port. This worked fine also. Simple hint that may solve similar doubt, and similar situations, the second very useful with small android devices.
Hope this may help somebody, 73 44 de Augusto I2JJR HB9TZA (5R8JR)

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No errors in the logfile. When USB radios work like this I often suspect USB power issues. I don’t have the SDR-14 so testing is not easy.


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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I have attached a log file :)  Hopefully the attachment works here on groups.  In that instance, the SDR-14 receiver is started, it quits running after a few seconds.  I press stop, then start and the receiver runs a few seconds and quits again.     The SDR-14 has a front panel LED indicator labelled "USB" and another labelled "CAP".  Per the manual USB indicates data transfer and CAP indicates RF to digital conversion is taking place.  In the resting state, the USB led is on, the CAP led off.  During receiver operation the USB led flashes rapidly and CAP is on steady.  When the receiver quits operating, the USB led will flash at about a 2Hz rate for a few seconds and the CAP led goes off. The USB led then remains on.

I tried also thru a USB hub as Chris suggested.  I tried a powered USB hub, but in that case the audio stutters while the receiver is running, and it quits receiving after a few seconds as with the direct connection to the computer.  I'll dig thru some parts boxes and try to find some other USB hubs to try.

Thank you,


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