Re: CAT control


Simon, what I am trying to understand, is if the CAT data can be sent from the PC (Udoo X86 Ultra) as a serial signal, for me to translate into what I need to do my bandswitching & PA selection.
What I read on the page about CAT, made it seem that it is only to control the LimeSDR (Or other SDR) as a slave, usingĀ  TS-2000 commands.

Really, if I can get band data & TX/RX status, that would be fine.

The PA section is from a Yaseu FT857. It has a single coax for tranmit & another for receive.
All BPFs, LPFs, atenuators, PAs & TX/RX is controlled by a couple CMOS chips, that I can translate from the CAT or Band data & TX/RX status.

In the end, I would like to have a "Ham Radio" that does many other things, too.

THank you,

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