New #sdrconsole user - Generic feedback #sdrconsole


Hi all!

I've been playing with RTL-Dongles and AirSpy radios few years now learning all kind of interesting about these small beasts.

Now as my hobby starts to be quite intensive SDR# for example was not able to be my main SDR software any more and I started to find a replacement for it.

I have stumbled to SDR Console few times before, but the learning curve has been too much for me, the way I learned to use these radios with SDR# made my brain to think the #-way and as SDR Console is waaaayyyyyy ahead it took me some time to get it work - also what I've learned is that SDR Console is more real radio CAT controller than just a SDR software and as I have never used a 'real radio' I had some extra things to learn.

I've have now been playing with the latest SDR Console V3 about five days and I can say already that I won't use anything else any more. This is a awesome SDR SW! From now on I need to go back to SDR# only, if I want to use my DirectSample modded NooElec dongle and long wire that is attached to it - or I can of course use the latest SpyServer and create a OverTheNetwork connection to that dongle and use it With V3 too as with the options available in SpyServer one can create a 'bridge' for V3 to understand DirectSample dongles.

So, thank you and be prepared to get some Paypal's after the official V3 release is out :-)

-Mac, Helsinki - Finland


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