Re: ADALM-PLUTO, anybody used one; able to offer some pros and cons?

David J Taylor

Thanks David,

Spent the evening watching a presentation by ADLAM on the specifics of whats under the hood, and a few of Tyson's videos for some practical applications, I'm gonna get one, didn't realise they have an onboard PC, that's a bonus.

I'm working on a limited budget trying to get a range of usb controlled frontend conditioners off the bench so the signal generator is of great interest as is the lack of onboard filters.

Slightly off topic but of interest, a post on an astrophysics forum - under $10 LNA rated at 32dB 1MHz-2Ghz, the astro guys are submerging them in liquid nitrogen, gonna grab a couple of those to play around with, company mentioned selling them was was called 'banggood ', quick search of their site - 12 assembled <$10 LNA's of various spec's and 1 adbs specific.

Ye, they have on-board computing power, but it's more an FPGA than a PC - see:;attach=342825;image


I've bought from Banggood before and they appear to be OK.

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